30 Hudson Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302


Cesar Pelli & Associates

Year Built:



LEED, ENERGY STAR and WELL certified

Number of Stories:

40 stories

Space Available to Lease:

Floors 4 - 7, P8, 9, 10, P21, P30 & 35
Fully furnished

Typical Floor Rentable Area:

Tower/Low-rise floors: +/- 36,500 RSF
Podium floors: +/- 63,000 RSF


Typical floors: Slab-to-slab height = 14’6”

Floor to finished ceiling height = 9’

Podium floors: Slab-to-slab height = 17’

Floor to finished ceiling height = 10’6”

Raised Floor:


Window Mullion:

5' on center except corners where spacing varies

Live Floor Load:

50 pounds per square foot

Interior Column Spacing:

No interior columns

Core to Exterior Walls:

Minimum of 50 feet

Onsite Amenities:

+ Full service cafeteria with 440 seats
+ Fitness center with locker rooms
+ Parking garage below grade
+ Lobby coffee bar
+ Public plaza with outdoor seating area
+ Free ATM onsite
+ Ground Floor Retail
+ Access to Pier and PATH

Building Infrastructure:

The building was designed to limit the possibility of business interruption by providing a high level of redundancy for all critical systems. Emergency power systems, fuel oil and water reservoirs as well as multiple locationally diverse utility and telecom feeds achieve reliable and resilient operation capabilities. A robust rapid deployment flood mitigation system is located on-site and can be fully deployed in less than 3 hours.


Central water cooled chiller plant provides heat rejection for building Air Handling Units (AHUs) feeding tenant floors via common supply and return air duct risers. HVAC system is capable of both air-side and water-side economizer (free cooling) operation. All air handling units are equipped with MERV-14 filters and ventilation rates exceed both the USGBC LEED Enhanced Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and the WELL Building Ventilation Standards. HVAC systems are monitored at central BMS which is manned 24/7/365.

Hours of HVAC Operation:

Base building HVAC provided from 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Overtime HVAC is available and is charged at prevailing market rates.


30 Hudson is fed from three (3) distinct 26kv feeders provided by the local utility (PSE&G). The three (3) feeders serve the building’s interior spot networks on the 14th Floor of the building (alleviating any flooding concerns of building electrical systems.) Only two (2) of the three (3) feeders are required to serve the building at full load. Standard floor power consists of 4.5 watts (3 watts power and 1.5 watts lighting) per usable square foot for utility and lighting (excluding HVAC).

Emergency Generator/Back up Power:

Eight (8) 2000 kW generators, supported by four (4) 22,500 fuel storage tanks, provide full load support for the entire building’s electrical load for up to five days. Emergency power distribution includes 48 closed-transition automatic transfer switches.


The telecommunications infrastructure is robust and allows for significant redundancy and flexibility. Principal features include:
2 diverse points of entry to the building for tenants, 2 diverse vertical risers for carriers, 2 diverse vertical risers for internal floor to floor cabling, roof access – pathway to roof available through riser.